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//20th Street West //

Puppetry / dance / wandering in public spaces -création 2023-

Concept and direction / Amélie Poirier in collaboration with photographer Lucie Pastureau

All audiences, ages 12 and up

For this daytime or night-time installation in public spaces or in-situ in schools, Amélie Poirier draws inspiration from American women photographers of the 60s to 80s to create, in collaboration with French contemporary photographer Lucie Pastureau: a choreographic and puppet-like journey. Driven by the rock and protest energy of the period, and inspired in particular by the "freaks" photographed by Diane Arbus, 20ème RUE OUEST sets Lucie Pastureau's photographs in motion through light, image mechanization systems, photographic textualization and choreographic processes. From the act of shooting, to the darkroom, from black and white to color, the entire photographic process is brought to life. The presence of a photographer-puppeteer recounts the act of creation in resonance with the writings on photography by Susan Sontag and other photographers of the period, creating a reflexive space for the ambivalent act of photographing. This reflection echoes contemporary issues of representation and self-representation.

In this stroll, the photographer-puppeteer guides the public to meet "out of the ordinary" characters, setting the two-dimensional photos in motion. These include a giant, binoculars, a baby going through great emotions, a transvestite, nudists, disabled people and more. The show's creative team are also among those photographed, becoming part of this genealogy of "monstrous bodies".

Diane Arbus, like Alice in Wonderland, asked herself: what is normal? Abnormal? What is animal? What is human? What's the difference between reality and belief? In turn, the audience, through the different paths it is led to take, wanders through the marginalized spaces of cities, caught up in rock energy, revealing the incongruous beauty of architecture or landscapes on the brink of precipice.

(c) Lucie Pastureau 

(c) Manon Bugaut 

(c) Studio Griffon


> 22 september 23 / In-situ :

high school Théophile Legrand, Louvroil (FR)

> 23 september 23 /House for parents

Caudry (FR)

> 29 june 24 /Théâtre le Grand Bleu at the old Saint Sauveur train station Lille (FR)

> july 24 /Festival Châlon dans la rue

> august 24 /options in Serbia and Croatia

> 28th of september /Culture Commune : national Stage of mining area

> spring 25 / Le Sablier : National center for pupettry art, Dives-sur-mer


Season 22-23

> Première (in-situ)

11 april 23 /

High school Valentine Labbé, La Madeleine,

with theater le Grand Bleu (FR)

> Premières (in public space) :

14 and 15 april 23, 21h /

Theater le Grand Bleu, Lille (FR)

> 30 may 2023 / (in-situ)

High school Victor Hugo, Hennebont (FR)

with the Théâtre à la Coque -

National Center for pupettry art


20th Street West (2023)

Conception and direction /

Amélie Poirier

Photos /

Lucie Pastureau

Stage management, visual universe, complicit gaze, scenography, lighting and construction/

Audrey Robin

Plastic universe, complicit gaze, costume

and construction /

Vaïssa Favereau

Construction of the scénography /

Alex Bricout

Sound arrangements /

Adrien Dauvergne et David Le Maréchal

Performers and artistic collaboration /Carole Bordes, Rehin Hollant, Cristina Iosif or Céline Lefèvre, Zoé Lizot and Clémentine Vanlerberghe.

accompanied byAudrey Robin and Amélie Poirier.

Tour manager /Claire Girod

Administration /

Frédérique Rebergue

Coproduction /Le Sablier : National Center for pupettry based at Ifs, Le Théâtre à la Coque : national center for pupettry based at Hennebont, Le Grand Bleu : Lille, Culture Commune : national stage and the national center for art in public space of Châlon dans la rue.

with the support of /du Ballet du Nord National Choreographic Center of Roubaix, Hangar / cirque Jules Verne : National center for circus and art in public space of Amiens, the city of Lille, ADAMI, the DRAC (Cultural ministry), département of Pas-de-Calais and the Région Hauts-de-France.

Production / Les Nouveaux Ballets du Nord-Pas de Calais


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8 place Simon Vollant

59000 Lille -FR

+33 7 66 12 26 54

Artiste associée  -  Amélie Poirier  Diffusion - Claire Girod  Admnistration de production - Frédérique Rebergue

Le Club (ex Junior Ballet) - Mariane Berthault (23-24), Sophie Mayeux, Audrey Robin et Clémentine Vanlerberghe


Les Nouveaux Ballets du Nord-Pas de Calais sont subventionnés par la DRAC Hauts-de-France au titre de l'aide à la compagnie conventionnée